Other activities

JULY 22 and 23, 2023
18.30 h i 21.00 h


“A house in the mountain”, by Albert Boronat

Sitting at the table, you will share time and food with the performers and the rest of the audience, but also you will exercise building a fiction together. This story will make you think about silence, words, and the relationship they have with reality.

It seems that a big storm is approaching from the east and a cabin lost in the middle of the mountain welcomes two men from the past of whom we know hardly anything. And what do they know about each other? “A house in the mountain”, with its organized solitude, can be an ideal place to start writing a novel, but also to meet with your own decisions.

“A House in the Mountain” has drama, poetry, science fiction, philosophy, crime… and also Wittgenstein.

Albert Boronat Herreros is the playwright, actor and stage creator who has imagined this fiction. Trained at the Institut del Teatre, where he currently teaches, he has also been the founder of the company Proyecto NISU and is responsible for productions such as “Vamos a por Guti”; “Waits F. M.”, “Bistezo 2.0”, “Shell i Teenage Dream”. He also collaborates regularly with other creators such as Andrés Lima, Judith Pujol or Carme Portaceli, in shows like “Este no es un lugar adecuado para morir”, “De carenes al cel”, “Shock. El cóndor y el puma”, “Shock. La tormenta y la guerra”, “Prostitución”, “TV & Miseria de la II Transición”, “Snorkel y Bardammour o Morir sonriendo a la luna”, among others.

Authorship and direction: Albert Boronat.
Cast: Javier Beltrán, Sergi Torrecilla, Albert Boronat.

July 14th, 2023
19.00 h


Flors Rodoreda: Concert of L’Arannà

Music version of the play “Viatges i flors”, by Mercè Rodoreda, by the duo L’Aranna, formed by Lara Magrinyà and Anna Sala.

Organized by Tramoia Cultura, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Barcelona City Council.

Free admission without previous reservation until full capacity is reached.

July 6th
20.00 h


Flors Rodoreda: Presentation of “Jardí sobre el mar”

Dramatized reading and presentation of the new edition of “Jardí sobre el mar”, by Mercè Rodoreda, with Toni Sala and Maria Arboç Terrades and the voice of Francesc Orella.

With the collaboration of Tramoia Cultura, Club Editor and Casa Usher.

Free admission without previous reservation until full capacity is reached.

June 7, 2023
19.00 h


Distinguished guests

Talk organized by the Arxiu Municipal de Barcelona: “Barcelona. Distinguished guests. From Tibidabo to the Ritz or the Terrassa Martini”

Do you know how many political, artistic and show business personalities have visited the Tibidabo Amusement Park throughout its history? And how many of these people have stayed at the Ritz Hotel in the city or had a cocktail at the Terrassa Martini?

The Municipal Archives of Barcelona organizes, within the program of activities of the International Archives Week, the talk “Barcelona. Distinguished guests, From Tibidabo to the Ritz or the Terrassa Martini”, an opportunity to know that documentation, both textual and visual, preserved in different archive centers, which show us the visit of a great diversity of personalities to the city of Barcelona throughout the twentieth century, from emperors and kings like Alfonso XIII or Edward VIII of England, to actors, actresses and singers such as Grace Kelly, Marisol, Ingrid Bergman, Sara Montiel or Maria Callas.

The talk will take place in the Foundation’s Gardens on Wednesday, June 7, at 7 pm. It will be given by the historian and journalist Rafa Burgos, who will present the fruits of his research within the Archive, both in reference to the protocol files and the photographs preserved mostly in theContemporary Municipal Archive of Barcelona, a l’the Archive of the City of Barcelona and theMunicipal Archive of the District of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. You can’t miss it!