Time | #ArtScience23

La mesura del temps [Measuring Time]

It is not easy to measure time. Centuries of history and a host of different methods have been needed to measure that intangible thing that seems to be getting away from us, without knowing what it is, except that it only goes in one direction. The simplest way of measuring time is to use a repetitive phenomenon and count the repetitions: the succession of days, months and years, or the rotation of the Earth, the Moon’s orbital period, our movement around the Sun. For art, time is also measured with memories – past, present and future – and with rhythms and composition.

May 20, 2023 — 11:00 a.m

Ritme Natura

Citizen science


RitmeNatura es un proyecto de ciencia ciudadana impulsado por el CREAF que estudia cómo afecta el cambio climático a los ritmos de la naturaleza o fenología, la ciencia dedicada a la observación de los cambios estacionales de los seres vivos. Observaremos cómo evoluciona el jardín durante un año con el paso del tiempo.