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El temps d’estiu [Summer Time]

Summer time is what comes after spring time. It is just before autumn time. It is a time that encourages us to play, to go on adventures… to delve into a maze of surprises. It is an arrhythmic time that breaks up the routine. A time of heat, of life trying to cool off by looking for the water of the lakes, rivers, sea. Dry nature. Living nature. For us, it is the time when we are furthest from the Sun but also when we receive the most radiation because of the Earth’s tilt.

June 21, 2023 — 6:30 p.m


Citizen science



RitmeNatura is a citizen science project led by CREAF that studies how climate change affects the rhythms of nature or phenology, the science of observing seasonal changes in living beings. We will observe how the garden evolves as time goes by over the course of a year.