Time is what has elapsed between when you read the first word of this sentence and right now. It is something we all experience. It is a physical concept. It is a cultural artifice. It is the rhythm of life. It is the composition and decomposition of art. Until a little over a century ago, time and space were considered absolute. Albert Einstein’s profound reinterpretation posited that the speed of light is finite and constant for all observers, which meant that time and space must be relative. Close to the speed of light, time intervals dilate.

Almost 30 years have gone by since the Fundació Julio Muñoz Ramonet was created. Time has flowed and reached a turning point: the creation of a series in which art and science engage in dialogue and spotlight the heritage value of the Foundation’s garden. In 2023, we are launching #ArtScience, a multifaceted programme that reflects on time. You will find storytelling, citizen science, dance, performances, dialogues, documentaries and workshops that will accompany you on this latest trip around the Sun. Thanks to the Earth’s movement around the Sun, time can be measured, as well as experienced, spent and narrated.

Program of activities

Free entry without prior reservation until capacity is reached.